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Atomic Web Spider

Extracts and Saves Contact Information from WebSite
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Atomic Web Spider is a 2-in-1 software and browser plugin that allows the extraction of contact data and email addresses from visited websites.

A lot of website owners place this valuable information in the least noticeable and accessible places. That's why many folks, especially those in online marketing industry, know the frustrating feeling of spending long hours trying to get the necessary contact information from websites they are interested in. Luckily, we created a software solution named Web Spider that can find contact information where the human eye fails.

Atomic Web Spider automatically extracts and saves contact information from every website visited. These contacts include:

Email addresses
Telephone and fax numbers
Instant Messenger ID numbers, such as Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM, ICQ, and MSN Messenger

Every time you visit a new webpage, Web Spider finds and extracts emails, phone and fax numbers, and other contacts.

The program works as a plugin for Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Opera web browsers, and transfers all the data to the software interface. If your current web broswer's configuration does not allow plugins, the latest version of Atomic Web Spider can change these settings automatically!

Atomic Web Spider Key Features

Atomic Web Spider runs in the background when you are working on the web. Once installed, the program is integrated into your browser as an extension, checks the content of every page you open and extracts as much contact information as possible, keeping it in the database. You do not need to control the search process; the program will do everything automatically. Just launch the program and continue surfing the Web.
  • Maximum extracted information
    Atomic Web Spider extracts not only emails but also phone and fax numbers, MSN, Yahoo and AOL messenger IDs.
  • Contact filter
    Atomic Web Spider provides the user with an opportunity to manage extracted contacts. You can delete duplicates or filter the contacts by the content or extraction date.
  • Expanded log
    The expanded log is displayed during the searching. It is shown as a table with the list of extracted contacts. You can review the contact type, the webpage URL it was found on, and the extraction date and time.
  • Independent work
    Once installed, Atomic Web Spider will work on its own without your participation. It scans the content of each and every page you visit and extracts maximum contact information.
  • Export features
    While exporting you can select those contact types you need to save ?all of them or just several. Specify the time period when it was extracted and the content's information field for the exported data.

Atomic Web Spider Screenshot

Atomic Web Spider