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Atomic Subscription Manager

Subscriptions Management Program
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Atomic Subscription Manager (SM) is capable of removing or adding subscribers to your mailing list by automatically sending them proper notification emails.

  • SM manages subscription or unsubscription by email subject.
  • Our Subscription Manager lets you monitor the InBox for a particular subject line, and automatically saves or removes the sender's email address to/from specified mailing lists, generating notifications according to your defined schedule.
  • SM supports an unlimited number of projects and mailing lists, as well as an unlimited number of email addresses in each list. The number of rules for managing subscriptions is also unlimited!
  • It doesn’t matter what email client you use--Atomic Subscription Manager works with all of them.

Just create your project in Subscription Manager by choosing the desired mailing list, and enter your rules for managing subscriptions/unsubscriptions to that list. That’s all! The program needs to be set up just once at the beginning. After this, it performs all of your scheduled tasks automatically within the specified time intervals.

Atomic Subscription Manager Key Features

  • Automatic subscription/unsubscription
    Atomic Subscription Manager allows automatic mailing list synchronization.
  • Automatic notifications
    Apart from the subscription/unsubscription process, Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of sending automatic notifications on a client's subscription status. You can create standard notifications on the current states and actions: "add user," "delete user," "user exists," "no such user," "confirm add," "confirm remove," (if the user's confirmation is required).
  • Unlimited mailing lists
    Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of operating with unlimited mailing lists: add and edit contacts, search for email addresses and delete duplicates.
  • Mailing list import
    Atomic Subscription Manager allows you to load mailing lists from files in *.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.doc, *.docx, *.mdb and *.accdb formats, from MS Outlook, or from Windows Address Book.
  • Invisible operation 24/7
    You create your projects and rules once, and they work from there on. The program can be set to start when you launch your PC. Your mailing list will be always up-to-date!
  • Fast and easy mailings
    You can launch Atomic Mail Sender at any time to mail to your lists.
  • Multitude of mailing list management options
    Atomic Subscription Manager can use list management instructions. Use the popular method of sending subscribe/unsubscribe requests to a mailing robot, or alternatively, use web forms and processing scripts on your website.

Atomic Subscription Manager Screenshot

Atomic Subscription Manager