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Atomic CD Email Extractor

A Small Application for Grabbing E-mail
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Atomic CD Email Extractor is a unique and perfect solution for collecting previously unusable email addresses from all of your CDs and DVDs.

You have total control over the process. Specify which files and folders to search and which to skip, as there are various filters and rules for each search. By default, Atomic CD Email Extractor skips graphics, music and other file types that never contain email addresses. This makes the search process extremely fast.

Atomic CD Email Extractor works with any CD and DVD drive. It also supports multiple drives. The program automatically detects the number of disk drives, and will either start a search on a single disk or on all the drives you specify.

Atomic CD Email Extractor also allows you to instantly stop the search at any time.

Email addresses found on a CD can be saved to the clipboard. You can also specify a file name to save them to a text file, or send them directly to MS Word or Excel.

Atomic CD Email Extractor Key Features

  • Email address extracting
    Put in the CD/DVD, run the program and press START. That's all! You will get the list of all available email addresses from your disk.
  • Filter files
    The user is provided with an opportunity to set the file filter according to the specified masks ("Options/Filter").
  • Filter email addresses
    You are allowed to set the exceptions of email addresses previously ("Options/Filter e-mails"). Then Atomic CD Email Extractor will not extract them while searching.
  • Email list management
    Atomic CD Email Extractor has special options for managing the list of extracted email addresses ("Export" tab). You can sort email addresses alphabetically or clear it completely.
  • Expanded log
    All the search results are placed in the Log. It consists of two parts: "Email address" and "File Name".
  • Integration with other Atomic products
    Atomic CD Email Extractor is fully integrated with other Atomic products. You can transfer email addresses within a single click.

Atomic CD Email Extractor Screenshot

Atomic CD Email Extractor